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We have a great fondness for Frank Capra’s movie, It’s A Wonderful Life.

The film caries a Christian theme of redemption and contends that what matters most is not what we achieve for ourselves, but what we give of ourselves, for that alone, redeems our existence. Josh and Troy strive to live by these same values while serving their clients.

We are

Safe Money People

Our job at Off Wall Street is not to make you rich (that’s yours). Our job is to prevent you from being poor. We tell people that have entered retirement or are about to enter retirement, “You’ve won the game! Now, let’s not fumble the ball running the clock out.”

Where is it written, we must subject ourselves to 20%, 30%, 40% loss of our money from the stock market? Nowhere, but it has been ingrained into our heads that we just need to endure those losses. We are told that “buy and hold” is the best strategy. There are those that say a well-balanced portfolio is less likely to lose money, but are they willing to put a guarantee on that and sign it? After all, you work hard saving for that eventual day when you turn off the paychecks and start living life on the “play” checks. Leaving your future play checks to chance in the market seems too risky to endure.

Troy at one point in his career held his securities license. He understands many people enjoy chasing returns in the stock market. But the truth of the matter is, what people do with their retirement dollars shouldn’t involve placing a high degree of importance on stock market returns in order to have a satisfying retirement. If you go to the casino, you’ve been told, don’t RISK more than you can afford to LOSE. The same thinking should apply in your retirement.

We discovered a different approach to managing your money that is purposed for retirement income. Using an indexing and laddering strategy allows you to create true wealth without fear of losing your hard-earned money. No matter how much volatility exists in the stock market, your lifestyle will not be affected. This is critical for retirees who depended solely on their savings to get them through.

The Baby Boomer Dilemma

A groundbreaking documentary

An expose of America’s retirement experiment that takes a deep dive into Pensions (both corporate and public), Social Security, and the 401(k). It features the nation’s top economists on retirement and retirement income including Nobel Prize-winning economists, and world-renowned economists from MIT, Stanford, Wharton, Berkely, York, and BYU. View The Baby Boomer Dilemma Official Trailer (also below).

retirement planning tips

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Compounding Interest Interrupters

Compounding interest can do great things for your savings. Learn what can interrupt stock market gains.

Inflation Is A Retirement Killer

Inflation can erode purchasing power to the point where someone wakes up and can’t live the lifestyle they once did.

Why Taxes Will Go Up

Why we believe taxes will need to go up drastically.

Major Tax Crisis Lurking

Why our country’s former Comptroller General; CPA of the USA; believes that a tax crisis is looming and a possible solution.


How financially ready are you for retirement? Take our quiz.

Risks That Can Impact

Your Retirement dollars

Market Risk

Just one 20% – 30% stock market crash can hurt your account balances and can cause you to run out of money years sooner.

Tax Risk

Certified Public Accountant and Tax Expert Ed Slott says “Taxes are a larger risk than market crashes.” If all your retirement income is in qualified plans like IRA’s and 401(k)’s that require you to pay taxes when you take the money out, you have a huge future tax liability.

Health Care Risk

Statistically, long-term health care costs can be a person’s largest retirement expense. Have you done anything to protect your savings and your family from being drained by this expense?

Income Depletion Risk

Will your retirement savings give you enough income to provide the retirement lifestyle you want, for as long as you live? Most have no idea.

Untimely Death Risk

Accidents and untimely deaths are always unplanned. The plans you put in place now can prevent some of the stress and financial burdens that would otherwise be placed on your closest loved ones.

Longevity Risk

Longevity is the great Risk Multiplier. Hopefully you will live a long and prosperous life, but longer life spans multiply the likelihood of each of these risks happening to you.

contact Off wall street to eliminate financial uncertainty

Josh and Troy can help you eliminate financial uncertainty and protect your saving from potential threats. It’s time to transition your hard-earned money into future retirement income streams while financing your current lifestyle. Schedule Your Personal Financial Coaching Session Today, call us at 877-814-2323.



The retirement red zone is the 5 years both before and after retirement; the most critical time to avoid losing money. Our strategy is a safer investing alternative that can help you stop worrying about market crashes and avoid losing retirement money.

we create


REDUCE FINANCIAL STRESS with a retirement plan that isn’t subject to stock market losses

Make sure your living expenses are paid for with GUARANTEED INCOME for life

Create a TAX-FREE RETIREMENT cash flow

from risk and stock market crashes while GROWING YOUR WEALTH


Put you in a financial position to DO MORE OF THE THINGS YOU LOVE

Schedule your PERSONAL FINANCIAL COACHING session today.


We create Pensions

If you are a business owner:

• Would you like to receive/provide an income stream in retirement that cannot be outlived?

• Are you interested in reducing your tax liability?

• Do you want to increase your individual annual funding amount of $58,000?

• Would you like to attract and retain valuable employees?

If you answered YES to any of the above, let’s set up a meeting to discuss your options at

Our Mission

Is To Serve You

At Off Wall Street, we seek to understand our clients’ unique goals and help you facilitate a fulfilling and meaningful retirement. We utilize sound, proven financial strategies that give you peace of mind knowing your money is protected today and into the future.

How we will help you:

Transition your hard-earned savings into future retirement income streams you cannot outlive

Eliminate financial uncertainty–protecting your savings from potential threats associated with stock market crashes, taxes, inflation, and long-term care scenarios

Develop debt-elimination strategies to accelerate paying down existing debt while simultaneously building wealth

Provide a method for building generational wealth for transfer to future generations

Build wealth for retirement, pay down debt, and finance your current lifestyle all at the same time (even if retirement is not near)


Treat Others

The Way You Want To Be Treated


Josh grew up in a log home in rural southwestern WI, in a family of four. From this loving family, he learned the lesson that he keeps foremost in his life: Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

Josh attended the University of WI-Platteville and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He began his career as an insurance advisor and consultant in the year 2002. Today, as the owner of Off Wall Street, LLC, he serves Wisconsin and Illinois with products that focus on income planning and banking with life insurance.

Rural southeastern WI is now home to Josh, his wife Valerie, and their two daughters. Valerie is an elementary music teacher, and together with their girls, Josh and Valerie enjoy spending time outdoors tending their chickens and bunnies, hiking, running, biking, and kayaking. Other ways Josh enjoys spending his time include hunting and fishing, taking in some Milwaukee Brewers and Wisconsin Badgers games, and attending Summerfest music concerts.

Supporting Valued Causes and

Community Involvement

Josh and Troy each consider community involvement and supporting valued causes to be fundamental parts of their lives. 

We at Off Wall Street, LLC are proudly located in the historic Veterans of Foreign War (VFW) building in Elkhorn, WI. Agents Josh Troxel and Troy Hagen appreciate the opportunity to work with and honor our country’s veterans every day. As they work to build relationships with clients in and around Elkhorn, they also strive to find ways to serve neighbors and contribute to the community.

Josh and his family support and contribute to JDRF (leader in funding diabetes research) and to Hope Grows International (Christians teaching sustainable farming in poor countries). They are also active members of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church.

Troy dedicates time as a swim coach at his local high school and has served as a board member of his church and local basketball club. He and his family are committed members of Peace Lutheran Church and School.

Unique Planning Strategies

Grounded Family Man

Meet Troy

Troy was raised in a family of four in Janesville, WI and cherishes childhood memories of riding with his dad to look at cars or boats.

Troy’s career began on a trading desk with a dotcom in Minneapolis, MN. Advancing through differing roles within insurance companies and financial advisory offices helped him gain a broad understanding of the unique planning strategies that he implements with clients today. At Off Wall Street, he serves clients in WI and IL with a focus on income planning, wealth transfer, banking with life and debt elimination strategies.

He resides in Hartford, WI with his wife, Shelly, and their three children.  Shelly works in interior design and remodeling. In his spare time, Troy loves to hang with his family boating or by the campfire. With competitive swimming in has past, he enjoys coaching girls and boys high school swimming. He prides himself with still being able to keep up with most of them while working out. Fitness and health are a constant within his household. Troy and his family also enjoy watching the Packers, the Badgers, or the Brewers, and they get very competitive in their family NCAA March Madness bracket.

Keep Your Money Safe

off wall street

Schedule Your Personal Financial Coaching Session with Josh and Troy to Discover How to:

Grow your wealth, without losing it in Wall Street

Protect yourself from the ravages of the tax man

Participate in potential double-digit gains when the market goes up without risk of crashes

Build a cash flow that you can enjoy during retirement

The Wise Man

Built His House on a Rock

“The wise man built his house upon a rock: and when the rains and the floods came, it fell not. The foolish man built his house upon the sand: and when the rains and the floods and the winds came, it fell. And great was the fall of it.” – Matthew 7:24-27

The wise man built his financial foundation on the rock. The foolish man builds on the sands of risk. When the economic storms come, will your financial future be built on a rock?

The Rock

Tax advantages
Protection against market losses
Consistent growth
Insurance and Annuities

The Sand

The stock market roller coaster
Market hype and speculation
Increasing taxes
Principal at risk

Build Your Financial Future On A Rock

Contact Josh and Troy to Discover How

Let our team help you develop a strategic plan to fit your retirement needs.

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